Do I have to be a registered member of Alquimia to submit my writing samples?

Yes. You will be able to register when going through the process of filling out the submission form.

How can I confirm that my entry was received?

You will receive an email as confirmation.

Can I submit more than one writing sample and text in prose?

At this time we are only accepting one time submissions (refer to submission guidelines on the How it Works section for details).

Can my writing sample be longer than 5 pages?

No. Writing samples longer than 5 pages will not be accepted.

Does my writing sample have to be in Spanish to be considered?

No. Writing samples are accepted in English, Spanish, or a mixture of both.

Must my writing sample be thematically related to Puerto Rico?

No. Your writing sample can be about anything you want.

Do I need to have a finished screenplay in order to be considered?

No. In fact, full screenplays will not be accepted as part of the initial application. If you send a screenplay instead of a writing sample, your application will be disqualified. The possibility of submitting a screenplay project will only be discussed after the application process, once writers have been selected.

When and how will I know if I have been selected?

You will know if you have been selected for the next round within a four-week cycle. We will notify you by e-mail if you have not been selected.

Who is reading the writing samples?

A mixed group of film experts, veteran film producers, consultants and story editors, all bound by confidentiality agreements.

What are these readers looking for in a writing sample?

For screenwriting sample: The readers are looking at how well the writer handles dramatic form in screenplay format, how visual storytelling is achieved through language and possible strengths such as dialogue, pacing and sense of tone.

For text in prose sample: The readers will be judging use of language, sense of story, pacing and/or character (where applicable) and overall writing skill.

Do you provide notes, coverage, or feedback to screenwriters?

Not at the first stage.

If invited to submit a full screenplay, can my script be co-written by someone with no direct links to Puerto Rico?

Yes. Scripts co-written by people with no direct links to Puerto Rico are eligible.

What file formats do you accept for online submissions?

We accept Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf). Please do not upload scripts in other formats. (To Final Draft and Screenwriter users: Both programs allow easy conversion to PDF and RTF files; please check the Help sections of those programs for instructions.)

What happens if there's a problem with my electronic file?

We will contact you as soon as we encounter problems with a file and allow you to send a replacement file.